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More About Us

We both grew up on Long Island in NY and surprisingly lived only 10 miles from each other all our lives. After Devon got out of the Army, he started working at a paintball company where Jessica’s friends worked. We finally met through those mutual friends and started dating in 2007.


Jessica was in the beginning of her teaching career and Devon started working as a police officer in the city while drilling with the Army National Guard. We were engaged in 2012 and got married in a beautiful church followed by a small reception with a group of family and friends in 2013.


We moved into our newly renovated home in 2013 and currently have two dogs, Penny and Rocky.​ We always talked about having a family and watching our kids grow up in our backyard, watching them ride their bikes or taking them to dance classes or soccer practice. 

About Jessica


  • Music: 80s, Fall Out Boy, Lady Gaga

  • Movie: Clue

  • TV Show: Psych; British mysteries

  • Subject in school: Math; Art

  • Author: Agatha Christie

  • Color: Pink

  • Never leaves home without: a book 


  • Reading and discovering new books

  • Crocheting and making things for others

  • Watching funny animal videos

  • Trying to train Penny

  • Dancing around the house and listening to music

Education & Career

  • Master of Science in Literacy Education and Master of Library and Information Science 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Child Study and Special Education with a Minor in Psychology 

  • Adult Services Librarian in a public library

Jessica grew up with her parents, older brother, and younger sister. She always enjoyed playing outside with her friends, using the tire swing in her backyard, and going to the library. She played soccer and piano growing up, but her main love was dancing. Jessica taught special education preschool for 11 years which was very rewarding. It taught patience, understanding, and how to be adaptable. She went back to school to become a librarian where she’s been since 2016.

She loves spending time with her family and her friends, and hanging with her two dogs. Jessica LOVES books and reading. She listens to audiobooks in the car and when she is cleaning. 

Jazz is her favorite type of dance, and she started when she was a toddler. She remembers wearing a green tutu and tiara at her first recital. She danced throughout school and was a member of kickline from 6th grade up until college. Growing up, Jessica enjoyed making up dances with her friends and cousins, and performing them for her family. 

About Devon

aboutus devon_edited.jpg


  • Music: Country, rock, alternative 

  • Movie: Master and Commander

  • TV show: Depends on his mood

  • Subject in school: History

  • Author: Louis L’Amour

  • Color: blue

  • Never leaves home without: pocketknife 


  • Fishing

  • Gardening 

  • Canoeing 

  • Watching documentaries

Education & Career

  • Associate of Liberal Arts and Sciences in General Studies

  • Police Officer - Certified K9 handler

  • Sergeant First Class - Army National Guard

Devon grew up with his parents and younger brother in the same town where we live now. He is very close to his brother who lives nearby. Devon joined the Army a few years after high school and is now part of the Army National Guard. He works as a police officer with a K9 partner and likes the fact that he can help people and that his job is different every day. 

Growing up, Devon loved going on bike rides around his neighborhood and fishing in the lake and bay nearby. He loved playing outside and building things out of cardboard boxes, sticks, and whatever else he found. We look forward to watching our child's creativity and imagination as they play in the backyard.

Devon continues to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities and working with his hands. He loves gardening and grows fruit and vegetables every year in our yard. He is getting better at growing flowers too!

About Penny and Rocky


We absolutely love our dogs and consider them members of our family. We've had Rocky since 2013 and couldn't imagine life without him. Penny was a new addition to our family in 2021. She is a pug mix and keeps us on our toes! Both dogs love to go on walks and wear sweaters.


  • Rescue dog

  • Super sweet

  • Loves to give kisses and get belly rubs

  • Always happy


  • Rescue dog

  • Loves “talking”

  • Sassy and smart

  • Expert bone chewer

The dogs love walking together. We take them every day. 

Penny doesn't love the car, but she was happy to go to Petco!

Rocky is a big mush and loves to cuddle.

He also loves to give everyone kisses. 

As a veteran, the Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day parades are something that Devon attends every year. Here he is with his goddaughter on Memorial Day.

Jessica in the Mystery section at work. Always happy around books! 

There's nothing like the smell of pumpkin bread fresh out of the oven. Fall is Devon's favorite time of the year. 

An 80s theme and dancing for Jessica's birthday with family and friends.

Devon takes pleasure in working outside and building things. He still uses his grandfather’s old-timey tools, especially in the garden.

aboutus yoda_edited.jpg

Jessica’s love language is making things for other people. Making people smile really fills up her cup!


One of our favorite things to do together is visit historic sites. It's incredible to see how people lived in the past. 

Devon loves to hike and enjoy the sounds of nature. 

aboutus photobooth_edited.jpg

Photobooth silliness at our friends' wedding

We don’t travel as much as we would like to, but we try to be out in nature as much as possible.

One of our favorite places to travel is to Newport, Rhode Island. 

We love going to see historic mansions and walking around their properties.

aboutus porch_edited.jpg

We honestly love just hanging out with each other.

aboutus boardwalk_edited_edited.jpg

And we have a great time wherever we go. 

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