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Our Family 


     Family is very important to us and we have a lot close by. Growing up we spent a lot of time with cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. We are lucky to have so many loving people in our lives. We actually have some new babies within our family so our child will grow up with their cousins as well. Here are some pictures of our family and friends.

family half siblings_edited_edited.jpg

Jessica has half-siblings that live in South Carolina. They always enjoy getting together. 

Devon talks about all the little things that his goddaughter does. He's amazed at how fast she learns!

Jessica meeting her niece for the first time. 

Jessica is blessed to have so many strong and supportive women in her family. 

Pumpkin picking is something we look forward to every year. We think Long Island has some of the best pumpkin patches! 

With so many cousins, there is always a large group of us. More babies are joining the family and we love that our child will grow up with their cousins around to play. 


Devon celebrates his goddaughter on her special day. He helped her get ready for her baptism.

Jessica and her goddaughter experiencing Myrtle Beach for the first time! 

family devon legos_edited.jpg

Legos were a favorite for Devon when he was a kid. He had fun helping our friends' daughter build.  

Devon’s parents are both deceased but we keep their memory alive. Our house is the same house that Devon grew up in and we often talk about his parents and childhood. Growing up, Devon's parents grew their own fruits and vegetables in the backyard. Devon remembers walking through tall stalks of corn, picking string beans for dinner, and eating every blueberry and raspberry as soon as he picked them. 

Devon's mom was so happy on our wedding day. This is a great memory we have with her. 


Gardening is something that both of our families love. 

We always spend Christmas together and it's tradition for our family and friends to get together on birthdays. We both grew up with a cake and singing “Happy Birthday” with our family. Now we get to go to the next generation of kid's birthday parties. 

FAMILY bday cake_edited_edited.jpg

This birthday cake Jessica made was so delicious, that we ended up eating it for breakfast the next day! 

Our family loves to have fun and be silly. Devon and Uncle Steve dressed up for an 80s themed birthday party. 

FAMILY party backyard1_edited_edited.jpg

This birthday party was so much fun! The kids really loved the water slides. 


The pugs had fun at our Christmas party. They help us open presents too!

One of the traditions in our house is to hang stockings during Christmas time. 

family christmas_edited_edited.jpg

Christmas breakfast and opening presents at Jessica's parents' house is one of ways we celebrate together. 

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