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Our Home​​


We live in the New York suburbs on Long Island in a safe neighborhood. Our house is a beautiful Victorian style built in the early 1900s. Devon and his family had lived there since the early 1980s. Before we got married, Devon updated the entire house - new windows, electric, plumbing, everything down to the studs. We are thrilled to raise a child in Devon's childhood home and neighborhood.


We have a large backyard with two different gardens and lots of trees.  There is a bay nearby where we can fish and go on our boat. There's also a small lake behind our house where we go canoeing. 

It's so peaceful when we are out on the canoe. We try to spot fish and turtles in the lake.

We worked hard on our garden and it really paid off this year. 

One of the great things about living in NY is that we get to experience all the seasons. 

A cute park is within walking distance of our house. We hope to make some friends there!

A jungle gym sparks so much imagination during play. We can't wait to play with our child here. 

Penny loves the beach! She was rescued from California where her brother still lives. 

Building sandcastles and finding seashells is an activity we look forward to sharing with our child.

The dogs love walking by the lake and seeing the swans and geese. 

We both have fond memories of growing up and playing with our friends in our backyards and look forward to creating more fun memories with our growing family, such as gardening, sitting by the fire talking and roasting marshmallows, and barbecues with friends. 


Devon enjoys sitting by the fire. Toasting marshmallows with our child will be so lovely.


A white picket fence seemed perfect for our new garden. We look forward to teaching our child how to build and create things.

We live in a village with the school and library that Devon went to. Village life for us includes attending parades, festivals, and seeing what the farmers’ market has on the weekend.

Home ice cream shop_edited.jpg

Summer time is for ice cream and Italian ices! This is our favorite shop.

During the summer, our village holds street festivals.

Home village paint_edited.jpg

Jessica was helping people paint a community project with the library. 

Both of us marched in the holiday parade when they were younger. Now we get to watch it every year.

Devon used to play at this park right by the water growing up. They recently updated the area and we love the pirate ship!

The farmer's market is held every Sunday for several months. 

Jessica is blessed to work at the library in the village, only a few minutes away. She can walk to work, and she comes home for lunch every day. Being so close to home is important for our family. 

Here's part of our children's library. Playing is a great way to learn.

Reading is vital to success. We both have books saved from our childhood.

It's such an inviting and interactive place and we know our child will love it as much as we do!

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