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Our Home

We live in the New York suburbs on Long Island in a safe neighborhood. We are close to the city and to several beaches and parks, so there is always something to do. We live in the house that Devon grew up in. Before we got married, Devon updated the entire house - new windows, electric, plumbing, the works! Everything is the house is brand new and it's exciting for us to raise a child in Devon's childhood home and neighborhood.

We both have fond memories of growing up and playing with our friends in our backyards and look forward to creating more fun memories with our growing family, such as gardening, sitting by the fire talking and roasting marshmallows, and barbeques with friends. 

We have a large backyard with two different gardens and lots of trees.  There is a bay nearby where we can fish and go on our boat. There's also a small lake behind our house where we go canoeing.

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